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Free Ryan Lochte!

I just knew something was fishy about Lochte’s recant.

Turns out, YES, he was robbed–or more accurately, shaken down–by the mafioso posing as police in Brazil.

I knew it!

And no, he didn’t vandalize anything.

So why did he recant?

Because his experience contradicted the ultra-national, corpo-fascist narrative–namely, that the Olympics are some sort of divine, religious rite. For an Olympian to suggest the reality that Brazil is a corrupt, socialist, banana-republic is blasphemy to the religion of the Olympiads. It is improbable that Lochte has any skills that could elicit the remunerations he garners as a swimmer. Unfortunately for him, he has only one possible employer: the ultra-national, corpo-fascist, Olympic bureaucracy. The high priests forced him to  recant…to prostrate himself and affirm his subservience to the Olympic religion, “I lied. Brazil is a socialist paradise!” If he refused to do this, he would be broken on the rack of financial ruin.

Some of us proles can think for ourselves, Ryan. We support you.


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