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On Boiling Frogs

“The serfs were as contented frogs, frogs that were slowly warming in a cauldron of inflation, regulation and surveillance as their wealth was robbed, their self reliance was destroyed, and their standards of living began a long, slow descent back into to the Stone Age.  “But who cares?” Devin thought, “so long as one can watch a million channels in three dimensions.”

From the thriller Goldstein



Fascist On Capitalism

“It’s amazing what capitalism can accomplish when the state takes total control of it.”

–Axel Morgenthau, Director of National Police

From Goldstein:

“We’ve stabilized the economy, too.  We’ve cartelized all of the major industries into government cooperatives fed by credit issued by a single banking monopoly: Fedbank.  Demand falls, Fedbank prints money.  Prices rise, Fedbank sells bonds and draws it out.  If that fails then President just slaps on the price controls.  It’s amazing what capitalism can accomplish when the state takes total control of it.”

“That’s the opposite of capitalism,” Devin thought.

“We are safer now, too.  We store pictures and audio of everyone and every conversation in every public setting- even many private ones, too.  We know everything everyone does.  It is all dumped into the database.  We can tap it and solve crimes with mere keystrokes.  Security enforcement is remarkably efficient!”

“What about privacy?”

“You have nothing to worry about if you are being good,” Morgenthau grinned while trying to comb down his wind-tasseled hair.  “Everyone is cared for from cradle to grave.  There’s free healthcare, free education, free housing, free food, free transportation.”

“What about freedom?”

“Freedom of what?”  Morgenthau sneered.  “We gave everyone the ultimate freedom- we gave them freedom from want.”

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