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Vaccine Efficacy

In a free country, everyone must assess their own personal risk tolerance.

When considering vaccines in our unfree country, both the pro mandate and pro choice sides of the debate are reporting vaccine efficacy incorrectly. The correct way to evaluate it is thus:


  1. Vaccination rates are 70%
  2. And infection hospitalization rate is 1%
  3. And 50% of hospitalizations have previously been vaccinated…

Then: the unvaxxed are 2.3 times more likely to be hospitalized, or you could say the vaccine is 57% effective (1 – .71%/1.67%).

But there’s more to it…

If hospitalizations are 1% of infections, then the true efficacy of the vaccine is 1% lower chance of hospitalizations vs no vaccination (1.67% – .71%).



In conclusion, if you advocate vaccine mandates based upon a 1% decrease in infection risk of hospitalization, you are drunk on authoritarian impulse.

COVID Questions

If masks work, why do maskers insist the unmasked wear them?

If vaccines work, why do the vaxxed insist the unvaxxed vaccinate?

If the pandemic is a pandemic of the unvaxxed, why are the vaxxed concerned?

If masks do not filter airborne virus, what is the purpose of masks?

If cases were in rapid decline before any significant portion of the populace was vaccinated, how can vaccines be credited?

If cases rose sharply after a significant portion of the population was vaccinated, why shouldn’t vaccines be blamed?

If vaccines work, why mamdate masks for the vaccinated?

If vaccines are necessary to stop the infection, why are between 35% and 75% of the hospitalizations among vaccinated?

If children are unaffected, why require them to be masked?

If infected children are not seriously affected, why vaccinate them?

If having COVID builds the most effective immunity, why require those who have had COVID to get vaccinated or wear masks?

Is there a compelling reason to take an experimental gene therapy that merely increases infection survivability from 99.6% to 99.8%?

If the vaccine does not prevent you from catching COVID, does not prevent you from dying of COVID, and does not prevent you from transmitting COVID, what compelling reason is there for taking it?

When, in human history, were those who promote censorship, martial law, and mandatory injections ever regarded as the good guys?

Nutball Leftists

These crazy statists are just not gonna give up the COVID fear-mongering. These people, and the imbeciles that legitimize them, are complete lunatics. If the outrageous response to a bad flu season is the benchmark, what will happen to our Dumfukistan if we were confronted with an actual existensial crisis? I shudder to think.

It also bears repeating that the absurd mask edicts and destructive lockdowns had zero positive impact on dampening the virus. Zero.

…and it is also worth noting that the vaccines do not prevent you from catching COVID, nor do they prevent you from giving it to others.

Karens in government seem to think that their personal fear and memory of trauma somehow justifies the revocation of everyone else’s liberty. They are deranged.

Real COVID Data, Presented Without Commentary

The predicted deaths is an estimate of weekly deaths based on linear regression of continuous time series and seasonality is derived by assigning each week to one of 13 periods. Actual data from 2015 through 2019 is used to determine the predicted totals.
The excess deaths in 2020 through 12/5 stands at 310,000 according to this model.