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Save Us, Elon!

In an open letter published in Human Events, Kirk issued what he called a “public memorandum” pleading with the Tesla and SpaceX titan to enter the internet and cellphone arena for the sake of “Western Civilization.”

If Trump doesn’t pardon Assange, he can fuck right the hell off. By not pardoning Assange, Trump impunes his personal character with the stain of Deep State complicity. I’ve always regarded Trump as mostly fraudulent and his ardent, evangelical supporters as more or less useful idiots who refuse to acknowledge Trump’s agnosticism. Trump’s refusal to pardon Assange, and their refusal to be outraged by it, would confirm, beyond any doubt, my instincts. However, if Trump surprises me and pardons Assange, I will celebrate him as champion of the republic.

Texit? Would Our FedGov Soviet Permit It Without Violence

Muhmerica is too big and too complex to be ruled by a bunch of sociopathic bureaucrats dictating from a Virginia swamp. If we could break it up, we might spare ourselves a nasty Civil War in which either fascists or communists are likely to be victorious. Of course, FedGov never relinquishes power and will use all the extortion at their disposal to prevent a breakup from even being discussed.

Texit Talk