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AMC’s The Terror Sates the Appetite

Two ships, 150 men trapped in arctic ice for two years.

Vainglorious leadership, months  of darkness, native mysticism, spoiled food, alcoholism, scurvy, lead poisoning, and a creature picking off the men one by one, growing bolder in its forays.

The series really gets going when the amber twilight of the last meager autumn day– lasting but a few minutes– winks out, leaving the crew to fend off the creature and weather the darkness and cold in their crooked, heaving ships.

The men lose their minds. There is slow starvation, mutiny, suicide, and omnipresent fear.

When desperation pushes them off their ships, they attempt to cross a frozen hell, lugging their boats over the ice. Landfall and daylight brings no respite from the blinding, night-less desolation.

Some men falter, others rise to the occasion. Great conflict and drama ensues.

I loved it.

Well acted. Well directed. Well paced. Check it out.


Brian’s Book Blog Reviews ‘Oathkeeper’

Brian of Audiobookreviewer writes:

Oathkeeper kept me guessing through the entire thing.  Every time I thought I had the story figured out it would twist and turn and totally change my opinions. Keeping me on my toes in a story that I thought was going to be very simple was a nice surprise…..READ MORE

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Survivalpunk Reviews ‘Come and Take It’

James Burnette of Survivalpunk writes:

The action in Indivisible: Come and Take It, is realistic. It’s not the main theme of the book though so don’t expect firefight after firefight. Troy does a great job of making the violence gritty, realistic and horrific. He does not romanticize violence and war. You almost want to turn away. You feel sorry for some of the characters killed on both sides of the struggle. Just like any war the Government and those that want to be Powerful throw away lives to support their cause….READ MORE

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