COG_OnlineCoverOnly“Take all your overgrown infants away somewhere… And build them a home, a little place of their own.”

The ten trillion dollar, UN-constructed SuperBunker can shelter a million members of the global elite indefinitely, with all the comforts of the surface including simulated blue skies, boutique shopping, and three golf courses. Soon after arriving in the bunker, an attempt to blackmail the POTUS with a salacious video taken by his own security agency forces President Manfred into seclusion. With his office infiltrated by a traitor and hobbled by incompetence, he attempts one final ‘Hail Mary’ that might just save the office of the president… even if it destroys the world in the process. READ FOR FREE!


“Relax. It’s only a limited apocalypse…” 

The War to End All Wars to End War swept across the planet, and all the cities and machines and screens fell silent. The survivors were scattered, and over time, their isolation, and the passing of the prewar generations, had a profound impact. The dwindling enclaves of humans were left to patch the holes in their culture and history with the crumbs left behind by the departed age of things. Then the giant thing in the sky began to wake up…


“There were originally seven crew members aboard the Astarte . . .”

Indigo and Staley are heroes of the Peoples Republic of Gaiastan. After their minds are downloaded, they they are drugged up and sent out on a national triumph. The final stop is a remote village situated beyond the surveillance of Motherland Security. It is out there, among the undermen, that they experience a spiritual awakening and the counter-revolution begins. READ FOR FREE!


“First Rate, Fast Paced Storytelling.”

A peaceful valley in the mountains of Colorado becomes a battleground pitting the federal government against a rural sheriff’s department. Sheriff Bear Ellison finds himself increasingly isolated as he is forced to decide between risking his life protecting a local hero, or reneging on his oath and handing him over to federal prosecutors.   READ FOR FREE!



“An entirely implausible story – unless you are wide awake.”

The lives of a tormented soldier, a tyrannical sheriff, a vain diplomat and a desperate father converge amidst the chaos of total economic collapse and civil war in contemporary America. READ FOR FREE!




“Be not afraid for the terror by night…”

The nation boils in economic collapse and sectarian violence. The president withdraws into his flying bunker to implement his Amero Plan to restore order. Maiden Lane finds herself in peril beyond the government’s zone of control. Marzan is separated from his company during a firefight and rescues an orphaned boy. Jess Clayton defends her home and young daughter from repossession and armed looters.  READ FOR FREE! 




“Fahrenheit 451 meets 1984.”

Devin Moore is exiled from the last free colony of Goldstein, Alaska. His journey into fascist Amerika is an odyssey of chaos, delusion, and violence as he experiences the ravages of hyperinflation, the mind-numbing holovision, omnipresent surveillance and the societal rot imposed by the imperious nanny-state.


2 thoughts on “Books

  1. I have loved reading OathKeeper so far, but have run in to the part where a password is required.
    Ho do I obtain a password to unlock the last chapters?


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