Government Worship

The hostility of leftists towards civil liberties, property rights, divinity, etc. comes from their strongly-held secular religion– which is government worship.

Leftists view people who refuse to obey the divine edicts of their state pontifs as disobedience to god. This inures within them a “righteous” fury against those heathens who refuse to submit to god’s will. Progressivism is no different than any fanatical religion. It is a madness that has taken control of the government’s guns, goons, and gulags.

It’s a phenomenon oft-repeated throughout history. The Jacobins in Revolutionary France, the Reds in Russia, Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China, The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia…

Leftists are drunk on their religion and they will never, ever see the light. They continusly lie, obfuscate, double-think, cover-up, censor, cancel, assault without remorse because they are doing their god’s will. They will never admit wrong and will only become more insane and increasingly irrational in their attempts to force submission. They are lunatics.

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