Nutball Leftists

These crazy statists are just not gonna give up the COVID fear-mongering. These people, and the imbeciles that legitimize them, are complete lunatics. If the outrageous response to a bad flu season is the benchmark, what will happen to our Dumfukistan if we were confronted with an actual existensial crisis? I shudder to think.

It also bears repeating that the absurd mask edicts and destructive lockdowns had zero positive impact on dampening the virus. Zero.

…and it is also worth noting that the vaccines do not prevent you from catching COVID, nor do they prevent you from giving it to others.

Karens in government seem to think that their personal fear and memory of trauma somehow justifies the revocation of everyone else’s liberty. They are deranged.

1 thought on “Nutball Leftists

  1. Unless you submit to genetic modification (vaccine) you’ll receive the new Scarlet Letter (or perhaps it works somewhat in reverse as the “passport” bestows a letter of acceptance upon the anointed).

    Here’s some Covid fiction (or is it a prognostication?). A sort of Fahrenheit 451 wherein the “anti-vaxxers” are vilified and shunned; setting up off grid communities.

    The reality is becoming a thing no fiction could surpass.

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