That’s All Folks

“Back in 2016, the American people, sick to the gills of global capitalism and its increasingly oppressive woke ideology, elected an unauthorized, narcissistic ass-clown to the highest office in the land. They did this for a variety of reasons, but mostly it was just a big “fuck you” to the establishment. It was an act of rebellion against a government which they know is owned by unaccountable, supranational corporations and oligarchs who openly detest them. It was an act of rebellion against a system of government they know they have no influence over, and are not going to have any influence over. It was an act of rebellion against global capitalism, the unopposed, global-hegemonic system which has dominated the world for the last thirty years … whether they realized what they were rebelling against or not.”

Sadly, there are only two kinds of people left in this world: the servile and the extremist.

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2 thoughts on “That’s All Folks

  1. It goes back to 1913, or even before. There is never a shortage of power hungry people and, sadly a few have established dynasties which have carried on over generations. At some point their avarice consumes a bit too much and the enslaved are left with nothing left to lose and rise. Usually, the previously cowed allow some other psychopaths to lead them to a similar ruinous end leaving blood and bodies in their wake. We haven’t gotten there, yet. (And I, thankfully, am old and may find my natural end before that time).
    The “woke” feel as if they have found their path to Utopia by ceding more power to the new technocrats now coming into their time, hoping to have found benevolent dictators. “They know not what they have done”.

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