Someone help me understand how FedGov has been bombing foreigners, fomenting coups, agititating riots, rigging elections, assassinating foreign leaders, and fueling color revolutions for decades, now, but a few dozen provacateurs storm the FedGov Bastille and NOW Americans are totally outraged. What sense does that make?

2 thoughts on “Delusion

  1. You’re approaching this rationally, bu dealing with irrational people. I was testifying in a State Legislature Judicial Committee against an anti-gun bill last year. I testified that, while as a victim (on multiple occasions) of criminal violence myself I can understand the reason for the histrionic lamentations of several of the supporters of the bill, it is imperative to use logic and not be driven purely by emotion when divining a way forward lest we crush our constitutional safeguards of our liberties.
    The opposing side was quite vocal in claiming the importance of EMOTION in decision making. Safe spaces and crayons. The vast majority of he populace has disfunctional family issues that have colored their adult lives.

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