“Democracy is indispensible to socialism.” -Lenin

I sit back and laugh at all this election nonsense. Why are people so easily drawn in to cults? They glom on to a party as if it was a religion. They defer all independent thinking and ascribe magical powers to the puppet… I mean the prophet rolled out on stage.

At the end of the day, the U.S.A is just a giant banana republic… with nukes. It is not a free country by any reasonable assessment. Nor do the majority of people even want it to be. Americans want cradle to grave parenting by the state. They want to be guaranteed shitty health care, unearned basic income, and the illusion of safety from all contrived international boogiemen. But when you come to understand how incompetent and irredeemably corrupt virtually all politicians are, you understand how absurd this ridiculous faith in the religion of government is.

I don’t see a peaceful future for this country. This belief in voting as a peaceful solution is patently ridiculous to me. In a socialist system, voting is a process of deciding on a winner who gets to loot the loser. It is a form of sanctioned violence and theft. It is 3 wolves and 2 lambs voting on what to eat for dinner. I won’t partake in it. It is immoral on that grounds and I will not sanction it.

When the government becomes just a looting mechanism, the election stakes are very high. The fangs come out and the losers are inclined toward violence. No one likes to be robbed. I think civil war is our future as we increasingly use “democracy” as an excuse for looting those who have what we want and applying state violence upon those with whom we disagree. We are experiencing the last days of this dying empire. We had a republic once, but we couldn’t keep it. Hopefully we can break it up peacefully. But in the words of Jefferson: “Every nation gets the government it deserves.”

5 thoughts on “Voting Is Immoral

  1. This is an interesting perspective. I’m politically neutral as I have no faith in man’s ability to solve our problems. Therefore, I don’t vote. I too believe that both sides are corrupt because it’s so easy for imperfect men to be corrupted (with money, power, etc.). Do you think we’ll ever see a time when we will actually have peace, equality and true justice throughout the country?

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        1. Unfortunately, in this post modernist world, the State has supplanted the divine in hearts and minds. I think the religion of government worship is an expressway to hell on earth.


          1. I don’t believe many people even realize that government has become their religion. But Jesus clearly said you cannot serve two masters, which is why he never involved himself in the political issues of his day. I’m determined to follow his example. I have hope that things will get better but not through human means but through God’s Kingdom (Daniel 2:44) Please be safe out there.

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