3 thoughts on “End the Lockdown

  1. Business closed. Second job closed. Unemployment denied (too few hours worked in a quarter on the second job, and self-employed folks don’t pay into the State’s UE insurance – so not eligible.

    Federal stimulus “relief” payment will be potentially a month or months down the road.

    The U.S. senate and house are more interested in power manipulation than in the welfare of the nation and its citizens. THEY have broken the social contract in that regard. I think this effectively ends their authority to issue a lockdown order.

    Risk infection or starve and potentially lose the home. Or work and risk prosecution. In a world of fatally infectious diseases, I am willing to risk infection. I exercise good hygiene and am now even more germ-a-phobic and aware of others’ lapses.

    But, I’m done listening to the asshats in Washington D.C. and the State Capital.

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