1 thought on “COVID Probably Rolled Through The U.S. in January

  1. I’m sure it did. Mid January it rolled through the gun shop where I work. The old people in the back room caught it, then the owner (their son) and it hit one of the salefolks. Deep gurgle-y chest coughs that lasted for a month.

    As for the whys and where-fors about how it’s been handled since? (Strap on your tin-foil hat and take a ride with me)

    I think this has been a convenient way to pop the equity and real estate bubbles, erase billions (trillion(s)?) in personal “wealth” and have a scapegoat to blame. Bonus points for governmental assumption of (U.S.) un-constitutional power.

    Huge power and money grab covered by a bad seasonal flu.

    Salute, Mr. Grice.

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