“Finally, Some Good News”

I loved this one.

One quote from the book that sums it up for me:

“It was the day of his annual review. In one or more areas he had not been Very Satisfactory. He woke up thinking he was late. Then remembered. There had been a nuclear holocaust.

“Thank God, he thought.

“Then felt bad. Millions dead. Millions more burned. Irradiated. Trapped even now, lungs half crushed choking on smoke. Pinned in flaming rubble. Can’t even scream, and if they did, who would come?

“Still. It felt like a snow day.”

I wrote an Amazon review but it went into mod-review purgatory. I tell myself it’s just the corpo-marxists shutting me down.

Regardless, Delicious Tacos captures the essence and ennui of post-modern, post-industrial, consumerized Western Civilization where humanity has been reduced to sub-mammalian, econometric parameters. I read it after Houellebecq’s ‘Submission’ and loved it the same. Hope to see more from Tacos.


Check it out.

2 thoughts on ““Finally, Some Good News”

  1. Visited Taco-man’s blog just now after reading your review. Your teaser about his book is good; the tone of the blog – not so much. The author is pretty arrogant, to the point of irritation. If I can get over that, I might give his book a try.

    “Snowday”.. .hehehenh

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    1. His blog expresses a lot of the frustration I felt when I was single and more self-absorbed than I am today (lol). His experiences still resonate with me. I personally got through it by just making a mockery of it all. Gotta find our own means, I suppose. I thought the book was terrific. Love his style.


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