1 thought on “Former KGB: The De-moralization of America is Complete

  1. I must agree with that characterization. A small example: in the State of Washington this legislative session is FLOODED with a host of proposed legislation which will effectively strip the state’s citizens of their gun rights. Many are the same measures which are craftily reworded in order to enable them to be considered as stand alone measures.
    The sheer number of measures makes involvement by the citizenry an impossibility as attending committee meetings and even contacting Senators and Representatives to offer direction becomes a full time task life allows insufficient time to pursue.

    This has resulted in a sense of dread and impending doom and coincidental gloom among the liberty minded.

    The internet has brought the ability to connect and share ideas but it has also become a most effective tool for propaganda. So much information (and dis-information) flies about that it is impossible to discern the wheat from the chaff.

    Calamitous time, to be certain.

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