COG 2nd Draft Excerpt 1

The steady stream of oligarchs and cronies, apparatchiks and bureaucrats, elites and nobles arrived at one of the three international airports over the course of the following days. By terms of the UN accord and SuperBunker protocols, anyone who possessed a valid PIN was whisked away by bus or luxury limousines and driven down into one of the twelve bunker access points. They were ferried through the enormous, steel blast doors, photographed, DNA profiled, and GPS micro-chipped. After an interactive video orientation, they were then driven by monorail and golf cart to their apartment in their designated section arranged within the circular bunker according to their country of origin.

Each day, two hundred thousand civilians, with special access PINs,  commuted into the Superbunker to deliver the food and goods, to make the repairs, maintain the equipment, cut the hair and manicure the nails, cook the meals, mop the floors, and do whatever other manual functions that could not be performed by machines or the elites themselves. They each signed a contract that stipulated that, in the event that the doors had to be closed, they would remain inside the bunker, and continue performing assigned tasks as well as any others as may be required. Six barracks nodes were established along the three hundred mile, circular monorail route, where the workers would be quartered in the event of a worst case scenario. The conditions were Spartan and dorm-like. To be locked inside the bunker was considered to be a perk, at least by the elites who had written the provision. Little consideration was given for the heartache that would be felt by the workers— known as “The Grays”— who would be separated from their families on the surface.

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