Regarding the Impending Death of Newspapers

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Good riddance!

Even if a reasonable degree of objectivity and partisan agnosticism were restored…

Even if they stopped being a propaganda outlet for the ever-expanding, pervasive, authoritarian, spying, unaccountable welfare/warfare state…

Even if they actually served their self-ascribed role as “4th Estate” and exposed the corruption infesting both parties controlling government…

Even if they eschewed their Faustian bargain with corporations, politicians, and sports teams in which they dumped skeptical journalism in exchange for access…

…newspapers would still be doomed.

Newspapers are the castle walls on the eve of gunpowder… the guilds of scribes on the eve of Guttenburg… the buggy-whip industry on the eve of Henry Ford… the tax-abatement shopping malls on the eve of Amazon… the cartels of cab drivers on the eve of Uber…

Their time came and now it has gone. Let them pass on before they lose their remaining threads of dignity. Whether their demise be by obsolescence or suicide– stop trying to raise the dead.

2 thoughts on “Regarding the Impending Death of Newspapers

  1. Yes, and no. Many news”papers” are embracing the digital promulgation of their “product”. They were, (still are?) supremely situated to command “the news” with a full staff of Reporters/investigators, photographers, copy editors, as well as relationships with official fonts of government and LE and corporate information.

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    1. Then they’re not really “newspapers”, anymore…anymore tha Huffpo and Breitbart are. Good for them uf they can reinvent themselves. Here, The Denver Post has cut 70% of their staff. they don’t really do any journalism, anymore.


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