Anyone who suggests that the press is anything more than a propaganda wing shilling for the military/banking/pharmaceutical industrial complex, and cheer leading for the ever-expanding police/surveillance/warfare/federalized state is a hopeless useful idiot.

It’s ALL FAKE. All of it. CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, NPR, the local morons… It’s all propaganda tailored to get you hooked and supporting their sponsors.
When you watch a “news” report, it almost always follows the same pattern:
1. “Look, look at this problem over here!”
2. “What are the authorities doing about it?”
Your emotional response of fear or anger is initially triggered, then you are comforted with the possibility of a solution which immediately restores your blissful state. Stimulus…response. Stimulus…response. “News” has nothing to do with communicating objective, useful, actionable information. It is little more than a cheap drug.

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