Crumbs of Crumbs 8.1

In the days following the War to End All Wars to End War, the Second Generation Nazis poured forth from their Zagweland fortress to conquer and occupy the entirety of Trans Amhara-Oromo. The civilians who did not flee were forced into bondage at the Eagle’s Nest or into paying exorbitant amounts of crol for protection. Life subsisted like this for three years, until the uprising of the Molegon warriors. Eschewing modern weaponry, these traditional fighters wrought terror upon their Nazi occupiers with their machetes and claw hammers. Marching fearlessly into battle behind their captain, Tegende the Vanquisher, they ruthlessly drove the Nazis back into the mountains, defeating them decisively at the Battle of Mebreatu Bridge where a thousand Nazis were thrown over the sides and fell to their deaths. Their piled, shattered bones remain there, on that canyon floor, to this very day. 

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