On Nationalism

Stand, sit, kneel, place hand over heart, pump a fist… it doesn’t bother me in the least. I just don’t get worked up over the symbology of the federal government. Borrowing the words of George Carlin: “I’ll leave the symbols to the symbol-minded.”

#TakeAKnee #BoycottNFL


2 thoughts on “On Nationalism

  1. I get what you’re saying. But symbolism is deeply imbued in the psyche of humans (I’m guessing even Carlin’s in his lifetime) and many feel that the slights represented by the recent protest genuflections are directed at them and their fellow citizens rather than the Gubbmint or the police.
    A lot of folks feel the resentment of having an overarching authority control much of their lives and embarrassment for its sins committed ostensibly on their behalf, but still feel that they want to connect with/be a part of the finer elements of humanity and their polity, that despite its warts, the ideal of the U.S. represents. I think the big backlash to the protests is the desire to reserve this symbol (the Nat’l Anthem) themselves and to that desire.
    Sadly, such passion can be easily manipulated….

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