Walking Dead Jumps the Shark…Again!

Spoiler Alert.


The Walking Dead is now the only t.v. show I can think of that has jumped the shark…TWICE!

It would have been 100 times better had Carl gotten brained. I was praying for it. Club him, Negan. Please, oh God, please do it.

Then it’s like, c’mon man…Bob Marley riding in to save the day with a tiger and the entire final battle scene devolving into something reminiscent of a terrible episode of the A-Team?

That was really, really, really, really bad. Bad, show. The Governor 2.0 (i.e. Negan) is the only thing it has going for it.

C’mon AMC. Hire ME. I can write better than that.

Here’s what I would write. It took me all of three minutes to come up with it and it would be better than any episode any of those Hollywood twats could dream up.

The survivors make their way towards a true haven. Mishone dies horribly and heroically killing hundreds of walkers to save the group en route. Rick ends up causing Carl’s death. With Rick emotionally incapacitated, Daryl takes over. In sight of the haven, Daryl sacrifices his life to stave off Negan’s band and to save Maggie. “This is for Glen!” he says as he loads an arrow into his crossbow and goes to war. Daryl and Negan, the last survivors of the battle, fight to the death while walkers close in and devour them both.

When the rest of the group reaches the gates of the haven, Rick, playing the part of Moses, chooses instead to stay behind with his dead son. He returns to Carl’s corpse, embraces him, and allows himself to be ripped to shreds by Carl and a horde of walkers closing in while he has loving, sentimental flashbacks of all the friends and family he lost.

Maggie, finally reaching safety of the haven, gazes out at the wild, wild zombie world beyond the walls, looks down at her infant son and Rick’s step daughter who symbolically become the next Adam and Eve.

The End.

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