Why Reasoning With Progressives is Futile

I have always maintained that progressives view the “state” as if it were divine. To question its intentions, benevolence, or legitimacy constitutes blasphemy in the progressive’s mind.

Try pointing out to a progressive that they once suggested that those who opposed Obama were treasonous, but now they riot over Trump; or that when Bush murdered Iraqis it was evil but when Obama murdered Yemenis, Iraqis, Syrians or Libyans it was necessary; or that they mocked Texans who talked of secession but now openly support Calexit; or that they promoted the omnipotent state under Obama with the phrase “elections have consequences” but won’t accept the consequences of Trump’s election. It doesn’t compute in their statist mind because it contradicts their religion. They will not process the contradiction. They are afflicted with what Orwell termed “doublethink” (knowing a contradiction exists  but suffering no cognitive dissonance about it).

This is why I have an immense dislike of progressives (petty-Marxists)–because of their absurd irrationality. I can accept a conservative making a coherent argument over the merits of nationalism. I may disagree, but we can understand where we each are coming from. But there is no understanding with progressives. If you corner them, which is not difficult, they’ll simply retort with condescending insults and ad hominem attacks. “Racist!” “Fascist!” “Sexist!” “Hater!” “Fucktard!” They are zealots, blinded by belief in their benevolent god, the religion of statism.

But Tom Woods puts it far better than I ever could in his excellent piece:

“The state is their god…The state is the source of all progress in the world…The state is where we should look for inspiration, for encouragement; each of us ought to listen with rapt attention to “my president.” (How that “not my president” meme makes me shudder, by the way — not so much for the “not” as for the exceptionally creepy “my president.”) They are not giving up on their religion.”

Read More from TomWoods.com

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