Survivalpunk Reviews ‘Come and Take It’

James Burnette of Survivalpunk writes:

The action in Indivisible: Come and Take It, is realistic. It’s not the main theme of the book though so don’t expect firefight after firefight. Troy does a great job of making the violence gritty, realistic and horrific. He does not romanticize violence and war. You almost want to turn away. You feel sorry for some of the characters killed on both sides of the struggle. Just like any war the Government and those that want to be Powerful throw away lives to support their cause….READ MORE

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2 thoughts on “Survivalpunk Reviews ‘Come and Take It’

  1. Fair revue. Better than a poke in the eye. He got confused by the finding of the body? I guessed that it was a bit of subterfuge to make the Feds believe they had found the Captain?
    Seemed laid out well to me.
    On a different note, I really thought the part at the road block when the Jessica was sweating the vehicle search presented the kind of personal survival-vs-loyalty to friends and cause dilemma beautifully.
    Still waiting for Nook to get some of your other books, Troy.

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    1. Appreciate the feedback. I think Oathkeeper should be on nook in a month or so. We just ended the kindle unlimited program. Im hally to send you a paperback of any of them, though. Let me know.


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