Great Review of ‘Come and Take It’

James Dakin of Bison Prepper writes:

Another successful effort by Troy.  In fact, I’d say that each of his books improves exponentially.  More than just another Militia Porn novel, more than just a sequel.  Take everything you’ve enjoyed about this authors other books, combine them and Indivisible 2 is better. 

Of course, as usual, it is too short.  You’ll want more, and sooner.  But art cannot be rushed-this is certainly not another hack churning out another paycheck.  Parts were post-collapse ( of course, a soft collapse in that it isn’t the end of the world but merely the end of an empire ), but mostly this is from the ground floor of a bloody and hard fought insurgency.  No jingoistic flag waving, no unrealistic heroic soap opera, just cold reality of necessity rather than patriotic fervor… READ MORE

I implore you to check out Mr. Dakin’s excellent survivalist blog, Bison Prepper. No flag-waving echo-chamber, Bison Prepper offers thought-provoking perspectives and a visceral writing style. Great stuff.

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