On The Religion of Gaia

“Blessed are the obedient for they shall be given their rations. “


From Gaiastan:

“Don’t you know that we’ve been selected?  We are on the eve of our immortal rebirth.  They’re taking us to have our souls downloaded into the Heavenly Virtuality.  It’s going to be wonderful to finally be liberated from the chains of this broken, physical body.  Look at these hands of mine!  They barely work, anymore.  Do you know how difficult it is to butcher savages with arthritis?”

“Where did you get your ideas?” D’naia asked.

“It’s all in the Good Book, young woman.  Don’t you read your Gaians Bible?”

“I don’t waste my time on fairy tales.”

“Bless your heart and may Gaia have mercy on you.  But just listen for a second…. Let me read to you from The Book of Ehrlich, Chapter 9…

‘Blessed are the Undermen: for theirs is the Kingdom of man.  Blessed are they that mourn for the Earth, for they shall be comforted.  Blessed are the obedient for they shall be given their rations.  Blessed are they who deprive themselves for they shall be held guiltless.  Blessed are those who live sustainably for they shall be sustained.  Blessed are the true Gaians for they shall receive immortality.  Blessed are the Greens for they shall be called the Children of Gaia.  Blessed are ye when the polluters defile Her and poison Her and you reap them for Her sake.  Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great reward awaits you in Heavenly Virtuality.’”

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