On The Control of Information

“No tyranny can maintain control without lies; the truth is anathema to tyranny. ” 

From Indivisible:

The Department of Homeland Security finally succumbed to throwing the full internet kill switch to shut down the flow of information. The president was authorized to enact the security measure in an amendment to an earlier military spending bill so that Congress would go along. The establishment managed to regain control of information, for a whopping twelve hours, but a spontaneous order of thousands of computer hackers launched assaults on the government and their corporate shills, blowing their firewalls apart with routines loaded onto memory sticks and infecting and destroying the servers of their corporate collaborators. The virtual insurgents erased everything and replaced the output with a scrolling “V”.

The truth was rerouted over landlines and radios and peer-to-peer internet. The pictures of the burned, and the bloated, and the sounds of rage and grief flowed again, blowing through the establishment’s filters and censors. No tyranny can maintain control without lies; the truth is anathema to tyranny. The Gordian Knot of censorship that held the paradigm aloft was simply hacked through by the purveyors of truth. The edifice of the overlords came crashing down.

China condemned America’s heavy handed response before the U.N. Then Russia followed suit. Then even Iran piled on.

“Stay out of our affairs,” snapped the president’s Grand Vizier, otherwise known as the Secretary of State. “The United States is a sovereign nation and has the right and…and more importantly, an humanitarian obligation to restore peace and security. We reserve the right to maintain order by whatever means is necessary.”

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