Indivisible Sequel: 4th Draft Complete

“Unalienable” or “Come and Take It” or whatever the working title is…

I’ve started the 5th draft today. I’m hoping to churn this one out pretty quickly, then hand it over to my better half for a run through. Then another edit by me, then off to Prepper Press. Hopefully they like it.

I expanded the Indivisible world a bit, adding the Forteson mega-banking family. They aided in the private bailout of the economic system after the Panic of 1907, and were rewarded with shares of the newly chartered Federal Reserve Bank. The Forteson’s prodigal-descendant, David, is being groomed for a run at the White House by the Department of Defense.

Sepulcorp is a global security and defense contractor owned by the Forteson family. It is loosely based on Lockheed Martin. They specialize in drones and GPS location.

Although Jimmy Marzan is probably viewed as the main character, it is Maiden Lane who is my favorite. The cruel god that I am, I turn her world inside out. I am in love with her and so I couldn’t decide whether to kill her off in some horrible, George R R Martinesque fashion, or let her live for part 3. You’ll get to find out soon enough.

Jess Clayton returns with a starring role, surviving outside the Zone of Control, defiantly refusing to leave her house.

Some of the ancillary characters include:

T, the secretary of the treasury returns. He has a plan to save the Beltway from economic disintegration.

Hiserman, a condescending douchebag banking official trying to repossess Jess’s house.

Croukamp, the crotchety survivalist neighbor from Rhodesia who has an expanded role and some added backstory.

Sharon, Jess’s loyal mother-in-law.

Dieter, the gun smuggler/arms dealer who becomes Mae’s civilian “driver”.

The President, obsessed with his legacy and KPI metrics.

And of course, The Boy, who is perhaps the most tragic character I have ever created.

Stay tuned…





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