Review of Oathkeeper by Aaron Turpen, (the Militant Libertarian)

Great Novel for Everyone To Read, October 17, 2015

Another great from Troy Grice. This one is closer to home than some others he’s written. It’s also more in line with today’s times (not sci-fi) and focused on an issue that, frankly, is likely to become a real-life drama sometime soon. More so than it has already. The sheriff in Grice’s novel is believable and realistic rather than being some hardcore, perfect right-wing guts-and-glory type as seen in novels with a similar premise from other authors. He’s fallible, does things for what he believes are the right reasons, and isn’t a Rambo wearing a badge with the capability of laying waste to entire squads of enemies.

Most of the action in Oathkeeper follows the local climb to fame and then trial of a veteran in the sleepy town the novel is based in. The trial of this man is trumped up based on the false accusations of a (real-life) federal agency already publicly known to lie, cheat, and steal as standard operating procedure. It stems from the accidental killing of the man’s wife by agents of that same agency and the unapologetic, imperial way that the agency deals with the aftermath.

Oathkeeper does include some violence, but it’s understated and not graphic, staying within the PG range. As does language in the book. This makes the novel readable by anyone, including those who do not tolerate cursing or bloodshed, and makes it a good choice for parents who want their teens to read, but aren’t interested in books that might make an R-rated film blush with embarrassment.

In all, this is a solid novel that is well-written, thoughtful (without being preachy), and in line with the times. Well worth the read.

Note: this review is based on a author’s review copy sent to me for consideration.

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