James Dakin of Bison Prepper, Review of Oathkeeper

Writes Mr. Dakin:

Like “Indivisible”.  I’ve read it twice, have it in paper rather than digital, and will likely read it again.  I love Troy’s writing style.  He is passionate, but logical and witty.  There is no jingoistic blather so common to the genre of post-apocalypse fiction ( no doubt due to the original Survivalist series being so popular, it became 99% of the new writers template ) which is usually Militia Porn with nuclear detonations thrown in to sell tripe to the suckers. Their testicle tingling uber-patriotism fully endorsed by our fascists overlords usually makes me ill.

Check it out

This is a terrific blog. Irreverent, blunt, opinionated–great stuff! Please check it out.

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