Nietzsche On The State

State is the name of the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it tells lies too; and this lie crawls from its mouth: “I, the state, am the people.”

It’s a lie!

The state lies in all the tongues of good and evil; and whatever it says it lies–and whatever it has it has stolen.

It will give you everything if you worship it, the new idol: thus it purchases the luster of your virtue and the look of your proud eyes.

–Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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Free Ryan Lochte!

I just knew something was fishy about Lochte’s recant.

Turns out, YES, he was robbed–or more accurately, shaken down–by the mafioso posing as police in Brazil.

I knew it!

And no, he didn’t vandalize anything.

So why did he recant?

Because his experience contradicted the ultra-national, corpo-fascist narrative–namely, that the Olympics are some sort of divine, religious rite. For an Olympian to suggest the reality that Brazil is a corrupt, socialist, banana-republic is blasphemy to the religion of the Olympiads. It is improbable that Lochte has any skills that could elicit the remunerations he garners as a swimmer. Unfortunately for him, he has only one possible employer: the ultra-national, corpo-fascist, Olympic bureaucracy. The high priests forced him to  recant…to prostrate himself and affirm his subservience to the Olympic religion, “I lied. Brazil is a socialist paradise!” If he refused to do this, he would be broken on the rack of financial ruin.

Some of us proles can think for ourselves, Ryan. We support you.


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LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 16:  Actress Salma Hayek speaks with the media at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on November 16, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Piyal Hosain/Fotos International/Getty Images)

Hayek On Why Corruption Is Inevitable

“Just as the democratic statesman who sets out to plan economic life will soon be confronted with the alternative of either assuming dictatorial powers or abandoning his plans, so the [aspiring] totalitarian dictator would soon have to choose between disregard of ordinary morals and failure. It is for this reason that the unscrupulous and uninhibited are likely to be more successful in a society tending towards totalitarianism.”

–F.A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

In other words, those who are willing to compromise their morals are much more easily promoted in governmental (and corporate) bureaucracies.

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Standing Armies

…The Anti-Federalists adamantly opposed them.

“In despotic governments, as well as all the monarchies of Europe, standing armies are kept up to execute the commands of the prince or the magistrate, and are employed for this purpose when occasion requires: But they have always proved the destruction of liberty, and are abhorrent to the spirit of a free republic.” –Brutus (probably Robert Yates, October 18, 1787)

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On Organized Mass Demonstration

“Five hundred thousand people gathered on the National Mall beneath the five hundred-foot-tall Masonic phallus dedicated to the memory of George Washington…”


From Indivisible: Come and Take It

Five hundred thousand people gathered on the National Mall beneath the five hundred-foot-tall Masonic phallus dedicated to the memory of George Washington. They waved placards and shouted slogans calling for more government-funded jobs programs, the resignation of the president, and free money—and why not? The cronies had all gotten theirs. How about some cash for the great unwashed? These middle-class people were reeling; they were economic refugees from the unabated financial crises that had wiped out their savings, increased prices fifty times over, and wrecked their lives. Some hurled curses and raged, but the vast majority stood quietly and politely clapped as each speaker got up at the podium before the reflecting pond and actualized their “I have a dream” moments. No media was present and the demonstration was invisible to the rest of the country. When their permit expired at 8 p.m., battalions of Americorps and mounted police in riot gear converged, hosing the protesters down with skunk water and tossing flashbang grenades into the clusters of humanity. By 10 p.m., it was all over, and an army of migrant workers and garbage trucks was on scene cleaning up the mess left behind. Suffice it to say, the peaceful demonstration failed to convince the president to resign.

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Great Review of ‘Come and Take It’

James Dakin of Bison Prepper writes:

Another successful effort by Troy.  In fact, I’d say that each of his books improves exponentially.  More than just another Militia Porn novel, more than just a sequel.  Take everything you’ve enjoyed about this authors other books, combine them and Indivisible 2 is better. 

Of course, as usual, it is too short.  You’ll want more, and sooner.  But art cannot be rushed-this is certainly not another hack churning out another paycheck.  Parts were post-collapse ( of course, a soft collapse in that it isn’t the end of the world but merely the end of an empire ), but mostly this is from the ground floor of a bloody and hard fought insurgency.  No jingoistic flag waving, no unrealistic heroic soap opera, just cold reality of necessity rather than patriotic fervor… READ MORE

I implore you to check out Mr. Dakin’s excellent survivalist blog, Bison Prepper. No flag-waving echo-chamber, Bison Prepper offers thought-provoking perspectives and a visceral writing style. Great stuff.


On Boiling Frogs

“The serfs were as contented frogs, frogs that were slowly warming in a cauldron of inflation, regulation and surveillance as their wealth was robbed, their self reliance was destroyed, and their standards of living began a long, slow descent back into to the Stone Age.  “But who cares?” Devin thought, “so long as one can watch a million channels in three dimensions.”

From the thriller Goldstein




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“Be not afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by…”

The nation boils in a cauldron of economic collapse and sectarian violence. Isolated and under siege, the president withdraws into the security of his flying bunker while attempting to implement his Amero Plan to save the union and restore order. Assistant Treasury Secretary Maiden Lane, her loyalty strained by serving two masters, finds herself in peril beyond the government’s zone of control. Jimmy Marzan is separated from his company during a firefight and rescues an orphaned boy on the desolate road leading back to his unit. And Jess Clayton defends her home and young daughter from repossession and armed looters.

They must learn how to fight for survival in a world after money dies.

Indivisible: Come and Take It is the second book in the Indivisible series following Indivisible: With Justice for Some.


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Government Acts and Edicts When The Collapse Comes

The Currency Stabilization Act. Enacted within days of the market crash, the Act was in response to the efforts of investors to retain their purchasing power through the purchase of precious metals. The move out of dollars and into metals exacerbated the inflation. In order to stop the flight out of dollars, congress applied a 90% windfall gains tax on the profits from transactions of 15 specific commodities and metals. The intent was to bolster price stability but instead merely drove the significant portion of the financial system into the black market.

Commercial Goods Transportation Prioity Act. Enacted within days of the initial market crash, the Act sought to facilitate the access to fuel and grant travel priority to the haulers of goods deemed to be “necessities” by congress. It created a voucher system and issued priority numbers to haulers using federal interstate highways and private gas stations with pumps located within one mile of interstate exits. But the issuance of priority voucher numbers and the definition of “necessity” was quickly captured by politically connected firms and political clout, rather than market price signals,  determined what was hauled on the highways.

Federal Foreclosure Moratorium. Enacted weeks after the collapse, it prohibited banks from taking possession of foreclosed homes for 180 days from judgement. As a concession to the banking sector, the government promised to purchase all homes foreclosed so long as the moratorium was honored. This caused the banks to unleash a horde or repossession agents.

The Cyber Security Act. A signing statement appended to the congressional Act,enacted within a month of the collapse, enabled, by executive interpretation, the Department of Homeland Security to block websites in order to prevent the spread of malicious disinformation that was hampering recovery efforts and damaging public confidence in the government efforts to restore order. The broadly defined executive power enabled the government to essentially close any website at their discretion. The Supreme Court validated the measure on the grounds that it was not “unreasonable” in lieu of the threats to national security.

The Food and Agriculture Price Stabilization Act. Written by the largest agricultural corporate conglomerates and passed by congress within months of the collapse, the Act established a network of agricultural compacts (or enterprise zones) that covered the vast portion of the country. Supply and price controls were put into effect and all foodstuffs were required to pass through special clearing exchanges operated by the agricultural conglomerates. The law was enforced by agents of the DEA , ATF, and the newly created armed enforcement arm of the USDA. Unlicensed selling of agricultural commodities resulted in asset forfeiture, prosecution and jail time.

The Firearms and Neighborhood Security Act. Passed within months of the collapse, the Act funded and directed efforts by state and local police to confiscate private firearms using the FBI background check registry and citizen self-identification. Second Amendment concerns were totally bypassed as it was the states that were tasked with performing the confiscations under threat of having their federal funding withheld.

The Anti-Kidnapping and Public Safety Restoration Act. Re-allocated funding and directed local law-enforcement resources towards investigating and solving kidnapping cases. The Act was passed in response to the numerous government officials that were being kidnapped and held for ransom by insurgents.

Ghilarducci Act. An Act that nationalized all the pension and 401k plans with the promise of making everyone’s savings safe from the dangers of market volatility. As the government debt exploded, congress, at the behest of Treasury, redirected the retirement investments entirely towards the purchase of U.S. treasuries as a means of holding down the government’s borrowing costs. The guaranteed yield of five percent earned against 500% annual inflation quickly wiped out the value of everyone’s savings.

Suspension of Posse Comitatus. A Domestic Security Force comprised of units of the U.S. Army’s 4th Infantry were deployed domestically to aid local police in crowd control and suppression of unrest.

AmericaOne. The Act created an internet licensing requirment and the FCC renewed the broadcasting licenses of all television and radio stations only on the condition that the FCC would be given final approval on all programming.  FCC approval eventually resulted in only one news network, AmericaOne, being permitted.

AmeriCorps. Using the selective service system, the federal government established a compulsory one year national service requirement for all American citizens between 18-25. Avoidance was punishable by up to five years in prison and could involve the seizure of the parent’s assets.

Reinstitution of the Draft and Accelerated Basic Training and OCS. Required to fill the ranks of the military depleted by mass defections and desertions.

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On Busybody Bureaucrats

“The government busybody administrators could not resist their pervasive and pathological urge to save the day and be heroes.”


From Indivisible

Despite the gaping holes in the economy, sound businesses endured the collapse by the wits of their brilliant, industrious managers who hustled fuel with collateralized IOUs to keep their fleets rolling. The goods that were moving were moving based on million dollar deals sealed with handshakes and emails. There were crafty, resourceful men and women, millions of them, dealing in millions of products, making billions of decisions, holding what was left of the sputtering economic order together. They were adjusting to the extraordinary situation. They were surviving.

Then the government just had to do something again.

The government busybody administrators could not resist their pervasive and pathological urge to save the day and be heroes. So, like a monkey wrench—or more aptly a hand grenade—tossed into the machine-works, the busybodies went about meddling and destroying the fragile arrangements created by the resourceful business managers.

“How dare anyone profit in these extreme times!” the politicians declared. First, the evil price gougers were to be cited, then arrested.  Then their assets were to be seized. This started with the gas stations and progressed to the sellers of produce, and then the merchants of diapers. The possibility of high profits, which could be made if one could get a truckload of diapers from New Jersey to Flagstaff for example, was quickly doused by the government busybodies who made it illegal to make any exploitative windfall profits. The exploiters, who were on their way to Flagstaff to fulfill the desperate diaper demand, and make a buck in the process, caught wind of the new regulations that would result in landing them in prison for five years. They turned their trucks around and went back home. The Arizonian babies were saved from those greedy capitalists! They would just have to do without diapers and the other things they needed, regardless of what their parents were willing to pay.

The government busybodies, through passage of the Commercial Goods Transportation Prioity Act, determined that certain goods had to have priority when being transported on the king’s roads. Priority was largely determined by political connection. The handlers of those goods were moved to the front of the growing fuel lines. This destroyed the complex procurement and hauling matrix of pickup, delivery and back haul. Within hours of the regulation, trucks were rolling empty. Gluts and shortages of goods exploded everywhere. A mountain of tires accumulated in Toledo while trucks across the country were idled by flats.

Read more from the thriller Indivisible